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Vital Amor™ has been created by Harvard MD, Dr Robert Gross and his research team.
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As men age, the inevitable happens- we notice diminishing sexual prowess. The effects of age, decreased testosterone, co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems, result in progressive loss of sexual function. This manifests as decreased libido (desire), decreased performance with erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation, decreased satisfaction/enjoyment and frequently associated depression. Because of this, virtually all cultures around the world have sought natural, herbal products that would reverse these effects and enhance sexual function. These natural products have been used for centuries because of their beneficial effects. Western medicine on the other hand has developed drugs such as testosterone and the ED drugs Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra®. These may or not work for an individual but all carry significant, potentially serious side effects including heart attack, stroke, blindness, fainting spells, priapism and even death. Further these drugs only address part of the overall problem.

VITAL AMOR™ has taken 8 of the best “aphrodisiac” herbs from around the world and synergistically blended them into the best available male enhancement supplement- safe and effective for whatever the sexual difficulty. There are many male enhancement products on the market that contain 1,2 or even several useful ingredients, but VITAL AMOR™ has the 8 best. It also contains no fillers, and absolutely no drug additives. There are an increasing number of products claiming immediate benefits that have been removed from the market because of illegal adulteration or contamination with prescription products like Viagra® or similar unapproved drugs. This is not only illegal but potentially dangerous to unsuspecting users.

The ingredients in
VITAL AMOR™ are safe, free of contaminants, and work synergistically to enhance all aspects of male sexuality. Libido is enhanced with increased desire, better responsiveness and more intense orgasm. Enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction are increased. Through multiple physiologic mechanisms involving increased testosterone levels and sensitivity, penile vascular effects, and brain responses (hippocampus-site of libido and sexual perception), the quality of erections is improved- resolution of ED, stronger and longer duration erections, improved recovery time. There is also less dysfunctional PE (premature ejaculation), and enhanced virility- the quality and quantity of sperm is enhanced. Other beneficial mechanisms are also at play with two ingredients being excellent adaptogens. Both Maca and Panax ginseng in VITAL AMOR ™ in addition to their positive sexual effects also improve overall health and well-being. They increase energy level, physical stamina, reduce the negative effects of stress, improve cognition and mood producing greater enjoyment.

The ingredients in
VITAL AMOR™ include:
Maca (or Peruvian ginseng) has been prized as an effective energy and sexual enhancer for many centuries in South America. It is so effective that Spanish conquistadors came to prefer Maca to gold when demanding tribute.
Epimedium (“Horny goat weed”) has been used in Asia especially China for millennia for its positive effects on sexual function and fertility. Scientifically it has been shown to have similar effects to Viagra, acting as a PDE5 inhibitor causing increased engorgement of the penis during erections..
Catuaba Bark – prized in Brazil and by indigenous Amazonian tribes for its aphrodisiac ability when used on its own to boost sexual performance and arousal. It increases erectile strength by increasing blood flow to the penis. By increasing dopamine sensitivity in the brain, sex becomes more pleasurable.
Muira puama (“potency wood”) has been shown scientifically to improve both the psychological and physical aspects of libido and sexual function.. A large UCLA study showed within 2 weeks a dramatic improvement in libido in patients with a lack of sexual desire, and significant improvement in erectile function in those with impotence. It increases blood flow to the penis, and with regular use enhances the production of testosterone. Traditionally has also been used to increase overall energy and is beneficial in stress management.
Tongkat ali (“Asian Viagra”) has been used in SE Asia (primarily Malaysia and Indonesia) for ages to increase sexual desire and libido, sexual performance and to treat impotence. It acts by naturally increasing the level of testosterone thus improving erections, fertility, sexual desire, fertility, and overall energy level.
Cnidium monnieri-has been used as a pro-erectile in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of impotence. Contains a bioactive called osthole that has a similar mechanism to Viagra. It causes vascular muscle relaxation in the penis allowing increased blood flow and thus better, stronger erections. It also acts positively in the brain area called the hippocampus, the site of the libido and pleasure response.
Panax ginseng- long prized in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for its positive adaptogenic effects on energy level, stamina, stress reduction, mood enhancement, and especially for its beneficial sexual performance effects. Used for millennia as a sexual tonic.
Tribulus terrestris-used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance male virility and vitality. Scientifically shown to enhance libido, erectile function and the feeling of sexual well-being. It does increase intra-penile pressure during an erection. Works by increasing the density of androgen receptors (in the brain also), thus increasing sensitivity and function of testosterone. An important mechanism as it enhances the beneficial effects of whatever level of testosterone is present.

VITAL AMOR™ is an ideal male enhancement supplement as each of its 8 ingredients taken individually will safely and effectively improve sexual function and help reverse problems such as decreased libido, lack of desire, impaired function causing ED or impotence, while increasing enjoyment and ultimately sexual satisfaction.
When blended together to act synergistically as in VITAL AMOR™ one has an ideal male sexual enhancement product.

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